Community Events

Inclusive Fun for all Ages and Abilities


Looking for an activity to engage and attract visitors to your next event?

How about a Soulshine RHYTHM Experience??

Soulshine’s Interactive Drum + Rhythm programs are perfect for community events because they are designed to create connection, inspire collaboration and celebrate the human experience.

Ready To Get In Rhythm?

Online + In-Person Options Available

We Bring the fun!

We bring all the instruments and provide expert facilitation so everyone is free to hop in the circle and play along.

Perhaps your celebration has a theme? Soulshine Rhythm Experience can customize your activity to help support the goals of your event while providing an activity that helps you retain visitors longer.

People of all ages love to PLAY and because our programs are created for all abilities, no musical experience is necessary to benefit from this group drumming activity.

Drumming For Your Event

Why Drumming for your Community?