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A Drum as a Tool of Communication


Before there was language, there was the drum

For centuries, all around the world, the drum has been utilized as a tool for communication, reflection, ritual and celebration.

In a time of unprecedented isolation and disconnection, the profound positive impact of a group drumming experience can perhaps be felt more powerfully than ever before.

Ready To Get In Rhythm?

Online + In-Person Options Available

Drumming Together Helps Engage The Mind

Drumming together helps engage the mind in ways that help to prevent the day-to-day stresses of life from interfering with what is really important: your inner sense of rhythm + peace. Drumming, particularly group drumming, invites deep introspection while inspiring a strong connection among participants, all without saying a word.

Soulshine Rhythm Experience provides expert facilitation for wellness drumming activities, allowing participants to maximize the benefits of their drumming experience.
Founder and lead facilitator, Suzy Turner is known for her uplifting, warm, and inclusive approach that inspires participants to connect with each other as they relax, release and engage in the rhythm.

Customized for Your Event

All drums and percussion instruments are provided for your event as well as a customized program designed for the specific intention of the workshop or retreat. 

Participants can look forward to:


Perfect addition to group wellness retreats, opening/closing ceremonies for workshops, breakout session for team-building/leadership retreats.