Rooted in Community

We’ve all had that “but I don’t wanna!” moment when facing major life changes. Transitions can be terrifying! But also, exhilarating, exciting and incredibly healing.

Transitions require movement and shifting – sometimes literally – and this stirring of our familiar ground can trigger feelings of instability and unsteadiness, even in the best of circumstances. Much like a freshly dug up plant being uprooted to a new location, we are vulnerable and unstable during this time of separation from the familiar. Support and nourishment are essential during transition.

This past year, my life was filled with some monumental transitions and for the first time in a long time, most were happy and welcome. However, we still experience a level of uncertainty and anxiety during any season of change, no matter HOW positive these transformations may be.

We must be rooted before we can grow.

When I first set out to create Soulshine Rhythm, a community rooted in a shared love of rhythm, dance, freedom of expression and inclusiveness, I myself was in a season of transition, although, at the time, I did not recognize it. Nonetheless, my soul was searching for stability, commitment, and purpose. I was craving connection with my community and I knew I wasn’t alone in that desire. We all have gifts and tools that are unique to our spirit and for me it was the drum combined with my passion for creating connection that enabled me to host that very first rhythm event.

Born from the Rhythm

In the last few years and the many, many drum circles that followed, I have experienced what a powerful force for good this community has become. Not only for me but for every beautiful soul that has chosen to be a part of it. I watch friendships form, relationships take root and romance blossom. I myself have weathered a few storms of my own since our rhythm community was born, yet I continue to roll in, unload my car full of drums and rejoice in the rhythm with anyone who shows up.  I still leave every circle feeling uplifted, relaxed, energized and supported.

It’s not just about the drum. This community of people has taken root to become a wellspring of joy in my life that lifts my spirits and allows me to share my gifts with others. We all need community to shore us up during uncertain times when we may not be able to stand on our own. To remind us that we will get through it and feel our own strength again. In order to rise up, we need to feel safe and supported by the people with whom we share common ground.

I am so incredibly grateful for our Soulshine Rhythm community. For the lovers of drum and dance who bask in the positive vibrations and resonating rhythms. Together, we have created a warm, welcoming community where there is always room for more. So, should you find yourself in the Austin area, always remember, we’d love to see you in the circle.

In Joyful Rhythm,


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