What People Say

“It’s a great team experience... Suzy brings the harmony and she brings what we do in business. We have a vision and we all perform toward the same thing.”

Ed Trevis

President/CEO Corvalent

“We actually got to know each other. To laugh, to smile and learn to work together in some really creative ways. I would recommend a Soulshine experience for any group”

Tom Cottar

CEO Backpack Friends

“Super talented, dedicated, professional, and outgoing. I’ve met so many great people at their events and have always had a blast. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone, no rhythm experience is necessary.”

Mike Irene

“Great way to get out of your head and get into your true self through unique community rhythm contribution only you can bring.”

Art Prennace

"Suzy will bring an incredible, next-level, experience to your gathering, team event, or conference. She will get people smiling, laughing, and motivated to find their own personal rhythm in such a powerful, life-changing way. The Soulshine Rhythm Experience will blow your mind and have your attendees thanking you for bringing this amazing experience to your event!"

Steve Harper

Chief Rippler, Keynote Speaker & Tech Entrepreneur

“What I loved most about Suzy is her passion and enthusiasm toward her business. We connected a few months ago, but most recently at a Mom + Daughter event I hosted and Suzy created a unique drum circle experience with moms and daughters’ that celebrated this relationship. She was easy to work with and went above and beyond on when it came to getting our group excited about creating and connecting through the beat of the drum. Everyone loved this experience and we look forward to seeking out Soulshine’s other events because they were so cool!! My 10 YO also really enjoyed this experience. I love that this business gives back to their local communities often and offers such a great outlet for everyone involved.”

Tracy Janowitz

Suzy and Mateo absolutely MADE the birthday party for my young friend Meghan. Meghan was the captain of her high school drum line, and then was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and suffered a traumatic brain injury. She hasn’t been able to drum since she was discharged from the hospital.
Suzy and Mateo curated an event that gave Meghan a little piece of her past back to her. To see the smile on this young lady’s face was incredible.
We were able to stay safely spaced as much as was necessary, and Suzy made sure we knew the instruments we were using had been sanitized – this was so important since Meghan is immune compromised.
What we loved most, though, was getting lost in the moment of having FUN and doing something creative! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Misty Mills