Truly an experience that should not be missed if one feels even the slightest soul-felt inclination to be a part of the circle! Not one will be excluded who does not exclude others.

Austin Effinger

Being able to have access to different drums and feeling like you belong is awesome - Suzy is an awesome teacher - patient, kind and wonderful - she's never met a stranger and when you talk to her she makes you feel like you've known her forever - my oldest loves going to drum circle.

Bobbie Upchurch

Super talented, dedicated, professional and outgoing. I’ve met so many great people at their events and have always had a blast. I would recommend to anyone and everyone, no rhythm experience is necessary.

Mike Irene

Great way to get out of your head and get into your true self through unique community rhythm contribution only you can bring.

- Art Prennace

Soulshine Rhythm is AMAZING! Such positive vibes every time. A remarkable therapeutic experience.

- Jennifer Cooper Jones

This was great for my daughter. Suzy brought music to my daughter’s school and she loves it.

- Darcy LaClair Lynx

I have drummed with Soulshine Rhythm Experience Drum circles for 2 or more years now. I really enjoy the open, noncompetitive community which embraces everyone. Suzy is always so joyful and ready to bring fun and rhythm to the community. Smiles, joy, and more smiles are what you will find at a drum circle facilitated by Suzy Soulshine!

- Linda Bokros Blansit

Everyone young and old should experience it just once in their lives! I'm glad I did!

- Amy Blakewood

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